Helping People Manage Risk

The core mission of the Foundation is to identify, prioritize and lead the development and deployment of advanced technologies and processes aimed at mitigating locally some of the direct and indirect impacts of climate change. This is done through program investment, operational support and externally received grants and commissions.


  Our environment needs protection as our global population and related agricultural requirements continue to rise. 

  Water resources are becoming more important than ever due to climate change and increased demand. 

  Critical infrastructure protection and related information assurance require increased focus due to emerging natural and man-made systemic threats. 

We address these needs through advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and by sharing information and analytics algorithms within a network of academic and private sector partners. We do this by providing the following services: 

  1. Fostering Actionable Environmental Impact Analysis and Mitigation - An academic network focused on developing operational experience and skills for students interested in AI based infrastructure performance analysis and modeling.
  2. Development of Shared AI Tools Behind a Secure Cloud - Within the secure cloud, the Foundation will foster the development of machine and deep learning tools to be accessed, tested, and shared between network members. 
  3. Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) - This is a capability focused on assessing the cyber vulnerabilities of deployed, often aging, critical infrastructure control systems. This initiative includes a highly secure, private cloud information analysis and sharing capability supporting the operators and their individual academic and private sector network members. 
  4. Project Assessment and Oversight for Sustainability Investment Partners - A technical project assessment and oversight capability for other trust and non-profit organizations in the same sustainability investment arena.

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